Vintage Crossings
Anaheim, CA
Related Companies of California
3.02 acres
94 affordable residential units
5 unit types
816 - 1,113 sf
6 on-grade,
3-story buildings
Separate on-site 1,600 sf pre-school facility with
1,600 sf tot-lot
31.12 du/acre
LEED Platinum

As the redevelopment of a former industrial site, Vintage Crossings represents the beginning of a strategic effort to revitalize the surrounding Avon-Dakota neighborhood in Anaheim. The development is the first LEED Platinum-rated affordable housing development in the City of Anaheim. The difficult site had little street frontage, a side alley on one side and double train tracks on the other. Thoughtful planning turned the alley into a street front with a distinct edge and the welcoming entrance to a new neighborhood of affordable family apartments.

The design turned the complex program, which included a 2,000 square foot community center that hosts social services such as after school programs and adult educational classes, children's play area, laundry facilities and outdoor swimming pool and an independent pre-school operated by the Anaheim School District as well as the 92-units of housing (65 two-bedroom and 29 three-bedroom units) into an inviting and secure village with mature landscaping, pleasant walkways and welcoming porches.

The architecture is a contemporary version of vernacular California bungalows with shingle siding, distinctive rooflines and open porches. The scale, simplified details and use of color help maintain a residential neighborhood feel, even though the three-story structures are larger than the adjacent properties.


2013 Gold Nugget Merit Award PCBC

Affordable Project - Over 30 du/acre

2013 Gold Nugget Merit Award PCBC

Sustainable Community