Malaga Bank
Torrance, CA
Malaga Bank
0.47 acres
20,650 sf
3,583 sf includes
1,703 sf retail bank +
1,880 sf offices

Located on the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and Rolling Hills Road, this branch office was originally designed to be the bank's marquee office. Design cues were taken from the existing main office located in Palos Verdes Estates.  With mostly residential clientele, the intent was to build on their reputation as a solid, warm and friendly neighborhood bank in their new location.  Because of a highly visible location, the bank was designed to evoke a strong, solid presence utilizing a traditional Spanish design with more residential details.  Careful attention was placed on the scale and proportions to give the building an articulated mass and intricate detailing. The successful design has given the bank a new presence in the city of Torrance and contributed to the commercial street scale along Crenshaw Blvd.