The Luxe
Pasadena, CA
131 Units
Lot 1 - 114,720 sf/1.44 acres
Lot 2 - 151,305 sf/1.48 acres
68 du/acre

Pasadena boasts a strong architectural heritage that embraces multiple styles in its public buildings with the Spanish Revival being one of the most beloved. The design of the new residences reflects elements of the style with limited ornamentation, pale stucco and precast walls, deep arches, recessed voids and windows that allow shadows to define the character of the architecture. Further, the ground plan features paseo-like entryways and courtyards, while along Walnut Street traditional stoops at the first-floor entries activate the streetscape. At the landmark corner of Walnut and Allen Streets, the former site of an historic lumberyard is celebrated with an exuberant wooden crown on the retail component of the complex.

Inside the 131 units, plans range from small studios to two-bedroom homes featuring details like gracious 12-foot ceilings and modern wood-planed floors. A tech-supported community room, pool and courtyard, and bicycle storage are just part of the many amenities.