Level 1
Costa Mesa, CA
Taylor Morrison
2.83 acres
60 units
1,923 - 2,154 sf
21.2 du/acre
3 story on-grade
Type V townhomes

The project presents a new housing model that combines the advantages of a townhome and a live/work unit in a compact plan that takes advantage of shared, spaces on the ground level and optimizes private outdoor space with expansive individual roof decks.

Although the units are closely configured with small set backs and minimal open space, the informed balance between the public realm and the private spaces, coupled with the orientation of the units and the conversion of the roofs to useable, inviting, outdoor space, create a sense of neighborhood while protecting the residents’ need for personal, private spaces—indoors and out.

Workspaces on the ground floor feature roll-up doors that open to private patios and the communal walk-ways. Personal residential space is located on the upper floors with the semi-private spaces of the living, dining and kitchens on the second floor and the private bedroom on the third. The generous, roof decks provide ample space for entertaining.

The result is a new community with an inventive site plan and modern architecture centered around a hybrid residential prototype for a flexible “work where you live” lifestyle.