Irvine, CA
360 Residential
3.558 acres
280 units
78.7 du/acre

These rental units were designed with a clear target demographic in mind: young professionals. Creating a strong visual identity for the development with standout forms and distinctive sensibility was critical, as the site is a half block off the main traffic thoroughfare in the city. The five-story complex includes 280 apartments wrapped around a central garage with large landscaped courtyards flanking two sides. Addressing the lifestyle of the potential tenants, the complex features abundant amenities including a 14,000-square-foot roof deck.

Reminiscent of the screening devices in Asian architecture, the fa├žade presents an interplay of layers and setbacks. The color palette, in soft greens and greys, and the careful wood and metal details are in subtle juxtaposition to the sharp, shadowbox forms that define the profile complex. The theme carries into the courtyard gardens with their Zen-like appeal, koi ponds and refined landscape.