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Why We Say "No" to Measure S

March 2017

Withee Malcolm Architects has been working with residential developers on both affordable and market rate housing across Los Angeles for decades. That means we have also worked closely with neighborhoods and local government representatives and as well the City's planning and zoning department.  Because of experience and our acute understanding of the lack of affordable housing for far too many of our neighbors, we oppose Measure S.

Measure S requires a two-year building ban on projects that don’t conform to the existing building codes, a permanent ban on project-specific "spot-zoning," public review of building codes, government-created environmental impact reports, and a limitation on parking reductions.

While we agree that Los Angeles' inconsistent building codes and outdated community plans are long overdue for an update, Measure S is the not the answer. The proposed building ban will immediately exacerbate the housing shortage, which is at crisis levels according to experts who monitor and analyze housing supply and demand.

The situation is especially dire for lower income families and contributes to LA's growing homeless problem. We have seen the difference that affordable housing makes in the lives of residents and the quality of life in our community. Measure S, for all of its purported protection of neighborhood character, is at odds with the reality of a dynamic city that has to continue to grow and build even as it addresses the need for changes in the way it does so.

We invite you to read more about Measure S and its potential negative impact on housing and join us, along with Mayor Eric Garcetti and other caring and concerned citizens, and vote NO on March 7.

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