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POV: Updating Industrial Facilities

May 2014

In a recent report “Designing Flexibility into the Industrial Workplace” the Society of Industrial Realtors (SIOR) and Industrial Asset Management Control (IAMC) shared the results of their survey of more than 60 corporate real estate executives as well as architectural and engineering experts. The goal was a better understanding of what can be done to adapt vacant or underused industrial facilities, and to explore smart strategies for improving the flexibility of these buildings.

The findings caught our attention as our portfolio of industrial projects fits clearly in their list of the Top 2 of 3 of their best candidates for updating: warehouse/distribution and light manufacturing. We were not surprised to learn that 80 percent of respondents said industrial assets were aging — 11 years old on average — since that reflects what we see here in the greater Los Angeles market.

Among identified concerns, building for a more flexible future was at the head of the list right after cost. With shorter lifecycles for products, rapid, steady technological advances and evolving business strategies, clients see flexible design as a key benefit of a renovation or re-use project. We agree with the architectural and engineering respondents who recognized that there are a variety of options that will raise the flexibility quotient of these facilities.

The well-documented report also includes useful checklists and relevant case studies from leading corporations. Take a look here. If you would like to discuss designing more flexibility into your industrial workplace contact us.